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CDCHOICE is the pioneer of all music labels in Bangladesh. CDCHOICE has earned it’s reputation from uncountable hit albums, superb songs and music production. CDCHOICE has been awarded silver award from youtube recently. The main key factor of this tremendous success of CDCHOICE is working with the newest generation as well as all the major and reputed music artists. CDCHOICE is a brand now. And in upcoming years, CDCHOICE will be the only giant in the local market.

Corporate Head office

49/1, Purana Paltan Line (3rd Floor),
Dhaka- 1100, Bangladesh.

Call Us(880) 2951 3251,

(880) 1678 085 577.

Admin Office49/1, Purana Paltan Line (4th Floor)
Dhaka- 1000,Bangladesh.
P: (880) 2831 4463, (880) 2933 7945

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