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Imran Mahmudul is a Bangladeshi music composer & playback singer whose songs has been featured in different albums and movies. He is first runners-up of Channel i Sera Kontho - 2008..

Imran was a student of Engineering University School & College. Imran started his career singing in the movie Bhalobashar Lal Golap with Sabina Yasmin in 2008. He worked in the mixed album named Rongdhanu with another ” Channel I Sera Kontho ” Sharmin. His first studio album was Shopnoloke Composed by Arfin Rumey, Mahmud Sunny and himself. Sabina Yasmin, Nijhu and Sabrina Porshi sang along with him in this album.

IMRAN is one of my favorite singer and also a very good friend. I always hope the very best for him-says Mr Zahirul Islam Shohel(Owner of CDCHOICE).

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