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Khan Asifur Rahman Agun, mostly known as Agun, is a Bangladeshi the son of actor Khan Ataur Rahman and singer Nilufar Yasmin.He is notable for songs like "Baba Bolechhe Chhele Nam Korbe", "Amar Shopno Gulo" and "O Amar Bondhu Go".

In 1988, Agun started his career in music as the vocalist of a band named Sudden and released an album titled "Auchena", two years later in 1990.He retired from the band and went solo in 1992.Since then, he performed as playback singer in films including Keyamot Theke Keyamot (1993) and Dui Duari (2000).

Agun also played roles in films like Akhono Onek Raat, '71 Er Ma Jononi and television dramas including Ojana Shoikotey and Ronger Manush.